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Lanlang negative ion ceramic ball is formulated with natural negative ion and far infrared materials to naturally enhance and revitalize your water ,which are heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hours. For more information please check the content below.
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Lanlang® CM-ACN13

Negative ion ball

Energize domestic water

Natural phenomena generate cations and anions at the same rate, but there should be more anions than cations in the air on the whole as the Lenard effect, B rays and carbon assimilation generate anions only. However, in the state of the ratio that if cations in the air are 1, anions 1.2, our living environment is being surrounded by cations as the ion balance goes into reverse that the present air condition due to waste gas, dioxin, formaldehyde, agricultural chemicals, and electromagnetic waves indicates that if cations in the air are 1.2, anions 1.

The negative ion ball has a wide range of use as the ball makes it possible to have clean and clear purity effects and negative ions also give help to health with tension relief through restraining serotonin and free histamine by increasing O. wave activity.



Brownish red beads

Regular Size (mm)


Customized Size (mm)


negative ion concentration (cm3)

↑1500 ~ 2000

Increase negative ion concentration

Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water

Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

Essential minerals maintains optimal health

Improve the taste of water

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