Condensate Neutralizer Refill Bio Ceramic Ball Supplier

Condensate Neutralizer Refill Bio Ceramic Ball Supplier

Provide premium replacement filter bio ceramic ball media for Condensate Neutralizer Possible connections; tankless water heater, air conditioning unit, boiler etc.
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What is condensate?

Condensate is produced after the transition of a gas into a liquid due to a drop in temperature or pressure. In the case of burning natural gas in a high efficiency boiler, furnace or water heater, this condition occurs when the temperature of the flue gases starts to drop below 130°F. This condensate is made up of several ingredients and will generally have a pH of between 2.9 and 4.

Condensate hazard

As such it is considered to be acidic and can cause serious damage to piping systems, sewerage systems, treatment facilities, septic systems and other items it may come in contact with. Many communities now insist that this condensate be rendered benign before it enters the common drainage system. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the addition of a condensate neutralizer.

Production Function

In order to prevent damage to the city's cast iron water supply pipes, ABS pipes, septic tanks, factories, sewage treatment plants and other equipment, it is necessary to increase the pH of the condensate to avoid acid corrosion.

Condensate Neutralizer ;filter media ;Applications

wall hung boilers and tankless water heaters; central air conditioner; air conditioning unit, boiler

Why Choose Our Condensate Neutralizer ;filter media?

Advantage of ;Condensate ;Neutralizer filter bio ceramic ball media

Offers Greater Performance & Longevity

Fast response

More environmentally friendly

High hardness, no powdering

No secondary pollution


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