Dechlorination Ceramic Ball

The calcium sulfite ball has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, safety and wide application range. Use in the field of domestic water treatment and industrial water treatment.
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Product Details

Calcium sulfite ball is made of nanometer non-polar antibacterial mildew, calcium sulfite and other natural raw materials through special characteristics.

【Functional Overview】

1. High efficiency: After testing, the calcium sulfite ball has a very high ability to remove residual chlorine and an extremely fast reaction time. In 0.8 seconds, it can remove more than 99% of chlorine, which is an ideal high-efficiency chlorine removal product.

2. Stability: It can be safely used in a wide pH range and a temperature range of 0-80 degrees Celsius, and the effect is stable.

3. Safety: The calcium sulfite ball is produced under strict technological conditions and has very low solubility in water. After inspection by the Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the product is safe and reliable when used in drinking water products, and no harmful substances such as heavy metals and other organic substances are released.


removing chlorine from water ceramic ball

dechlorinating shower filter ceramic ball

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