Dechlorination Ceramic Balls

Dechlorination Energy Ceramic Ball 99% Calcium Sulfite For Tap Water Removal of Residual Chlorine 3-5mm. Dechlorination Ceramic Ball also name as Calcium Sulfite Remove Chlorine Ball & Remove Chlorine Ceramic Ball. It can great improve the taste of water. Now it is widely used for high-class water treatment system in Taiwan,Japan,South Korea,Malaysia,Australia,Southeast Asian and other countries.
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Product Details

Size: Diameter 1-25mm, Regular size 2-4mm,4-6mm,6-8mm

Main functions:

  • Remove residual chlorine;Including chemical sexual residual chlorine and free residual chlorine ClO - (hypochlorous acid ions), HOCl (hypochlorous acid), Cl2 (chlorine), etc. Making the chlorine in the tap water become into harmless elements for human body.

  • Adsorption impurities in the water;

  • It is a kind of efficient, safe, high temperature resistant, not produce bacterium of the ball;

  • Compared with the KDF copper zinc alloy, lower production cost, remove chlorine more effective.

  • The product is pure natural, pollution-free, antibacterial, antifungal, no static. Compared with the conventional activated carbon addition to residual chlorine, calcium sulfite addition to residual chlorine are efficient, safe, heat-resistant, bacteria and other advantages, in addition to more effective chloride. Purified, mineralized water, adjust the PH value of water

chlorination removel

Technical indicators: Residual chlorine 0.1 PPM or less

Following are the harm of residual chlorine for human body:Residual chlorine is an effective method of sterilization and killing bacterial, the method is still used in 80% of the water plants in the world.So we must keep some residual chlorine content in the municipal tap water,ensure that microbiology indicators in drinking water is safe.But,when chlorine and organic acid produces chemical reaction, can produce many carcinogenic by-products, such as :CHCl3 Cl l.If the residual chlorine in the water beyond standard,It will produce many harmful to human body. And water with a bad smell, commonly known as "the smell of bleach.

  • Excitant strong, have damage on the respiratory system.

  • Easy to react with the water organic matter,Produce chloroform and other carcinogens

Dechlorination ceramic Ball

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