Far Infrared Ball Activate Water

The far-infrared ball is made of dozens of natural mineral materials such as iron tourmaline, crystalline quartz, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, kaolin, etc.
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Lanlang Far infrared Ball increase the emission rate of far infrared more than 90% into the water to achieve molecules resonance.This resonance split water clusters and excite the water molecules turning tap water into activated water. The Balls could also generate negative ions range from 1500 to 2000p/s.cm3, increase oxygen

content, and release over 20 kinds of necessary trace elements for human bodies.

Far infrared Ball test data

Bulk density (g/m3)


Far-infrared wavelengths (um)


Peak width at half height (Hz)


Peak width at half height (Hz)


Far-infrared bacteriostatic rate(%)


Hardness (%)


Far infrared ball function

far infrared ball

♦ Water activation

♦ Increase air negative ion concentration

♦ Increase dissolved oxygen and activate water

♦ Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

♦ Essential minerals maintains optimal health

♦ Improve the taste of water

♦ Inhibit microbe breeding

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