Far Infrared Balls

Lanlang® CM-ACF14 is formulated with natural negative ion and far-infrared materials to naturally enhance and revitalize your water, which is heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hours.
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Lanlang® CM-ACF14

Far-infrared ball

Energize domestic water

It could increase essential minerals as your requirement to create mineral water, which generates negative ions range from 1500 to 2000p/s.cm3, and increases the emission rate of far infrared more than 90% into the water.

Infrared rays cannot be detected by the naked human eye, and they are divided into 3 individual groups; near, medium and far. When water is treated by far infrared rays, it is more easily absorbed by the skin, meaning that your skin stays moisturized for longer periods of time than with untreated water. This treated water also hydrates the body more efficiently when consumed. Even plants benefit much more from far infrared treated water than otherwise, as they more easily absorb nutrients using less water to gain even better growth.



Brownish red beads

Regular Size (mm)


Customized Size (mm)


Far-infrared wavelengths (um)

5 ~ 20

Far-infrared emission rate (%)


Negative ion concentration (cm3)

250~ 400

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