Far-infrared Ceramic Balls Activated Water

Far-infrared ceramic balls are made up of various minerals such as tourmaline, titanium oxide, zirconia, and kaolin. It is fired by high temperature calcination process above 800 °C. The main function of the far-infrared ceramic ball is to release far-infrared rays, which can be used in the water purification and functional health care products industry.
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According to the matching absorption theory, when the radiation wavelength of the radiation source is consistent with the absorption wavelength of the object to be irradiated, the human skin has a good absorption effect on the infrared radiation of 9-10 um, and the far infrared rays can warm the cells, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism. Enhance the vitality of cells.

The far-infrared ceramic ball can emit far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 4 to 14 um and an emissivity of 0.92 or higher at normal temperature. These infrared rays can effectively destroy hydrogen bonds between water molecules, thereby reducing the degree of association between water molecules and generating small molecular groups. water. At the same time, the far-infrared ceramic ball can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen capacity and dissolved oxygen of water, improve the ability of water to penetrate, dissolve and metabolize. As a functional drinking water, it will have a good physiological effect and health care effect on the human body.


negative ion shower head ceramic ball

negative ion ceramic ball

negative ion ceramic ball (2)

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