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Far Infrared Activated Ceramic ball increase the emission rate of far infrared more than 90% into the water to achieve molecules resonance. These infrared rays can destroy hydrogen bonds between water molecules effectively, thereby reducing the degree of association between water molecules and generating small molecules water. The far-infrared mineralized ball not only increases the activity of the water, but also allows the heat in the environment to be output as far-infrared energy.
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The far infrared ball can radiate 4 ~ 14um far-infrared rays. The far-infrared rays of this wavelength can not only cause thermal effects on the surface of the skin, but also cause the vibration of water molecules in the body.

far infrared ball

Then, through resonance absorption, the far-infrared electro-optic energy that penetrates the human skin is converted into heat energy, which promotes the temperature rise of the deep subcutaneous tissue. This effect can stimulate cell activity, dilate capillaries, accelerate blood flow, double the microcirculation blood flow, strengthen the metabolism between tissues, increase tissue regeneration ability, improve the body's immunity, regulate mental abnormalities Excited state, to eliminate fatigue fundamentally, to achieve the purpose of strengthening body, has obvious medical, health care, cold protection.

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