Good Quality Negative Ion Ceramic Ball

Good quality negative ion ceramic ball.It is formulated with natural negative ion and far infrared materials to naturally enhance and revitalize your water ,which are heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hours. More details please kindly check the content below.
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Negative ion ceramic ball

Negative ion ceramic ballApplication:

1) By adding negative ions ceramic ball in drinking water, the water can kill bacteria, increase dissolved oxygen, and activate water. It can also be used for water heaters in bathrooms to make oxygen-rich water and increase air negative ion concentration.

2) It has smooth surface, without dust, so it can be used for room decoration to change the air quality, and increase the negative ion content and prevent "Air conditioning disease" and the "computer syndrome."

3) It can be used in the car, to eliminate the car smell and clean the air.

Negative ions vs. positive ions

Positive ions are known as cations. They’re often created simultaneously with negative ions, or anions. The other half of the Lenard effect is the creation of positively charged water molecules at the same time that negatively charged air molecules are created.

Positive ions are created by much different processes. During particularly cloudy days, electrical charges in the air are conducted more quickly by increased amounts of humidity. Any negative ions also quickly become attached to any particulate matter in the moist air. This leaves a high concentration of positive ions in the air. That can make you feel lethargic.


♦ 25 kg per carton

Other info:

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