High Quality Chlorine Remove Ceramic Ball

♦ Efficiently and rapidly remove 99% residual chlorine ♦ Non-heavy metals and Organics release ♦ Improve the content of dissolved oxygen ♦ Keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful ♦ Improve the taste of water
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Chlorine is the #1 contaminant in drinking water. While the chemical is added as a means to purify water and kill off microorganisms and other waterborne pathogens, it has several harmful effects as well. Unfortunately, this treatment does not guarantee the drinking water coming out of a faucet is free from unhealthy microorganisms.

chlorine remove ceramic ballHarmful Effects:

-Hazardous for Your Children's Health

-Cell Damage

-Increases the Risk of Asthma

-Results in Heart Problems

-Bad Taste and Odor

CM-BCD18 can efficiently remove the residual chlorine compounds, free residual chlorine, hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions.

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Lanlang has 15+ years professional experience in the water filtration medias products.

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