High Quality Nano Silver Antibacterial Ball

The nano silver antibacterial ball is made by sintering nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agent, kaolin clay and proper amount of pore-forming agent. .Antibacterial rate can reach more than 90%.
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nano silver antibacterial ball

Nano silver antibacterial ball's outstanding features are sphere porosity, broad antibacterial spectrum, high efficiency, long-lasting, non-toxic. Antibacterial rate can reach more than 90%.

Advantages of nano silver antibacterial ball:

Powerful sterilization: The study found that nano silver antibacterial ceramic balls can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria in a few minutes. Its unique sterilization mechanism makes nano silver quickly kill pathogenic bacteria at low concentration.

Broad-spectrum antibacterial: The unique antibacterial action mechanism of nano-silver antibacterial ceramic balls can kill most of the bacteria, fungi, mold, spores and other microorganisms in contact with it. It has a strong inhibition and killing effect on ten kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, and has the same killing effect on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

No drug resistance: As a non-antibacterial fungicide, nano-silver antibacterial ceramic balls can quickly kill bacteria directly, making them lose their ability to reproduce, so they cannot produce drug-resistant next generations.

Packaging: 20 kg per carton

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