How To Decrease ORP In Water

Do you know How to decrease orp in water?Let me introduce you Lanlang water filtration media to decrease ORP in water.
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If you want to know how to decrease Oxidation-reduction potential in water.I would like to show you Lanlang's water filtration media to decrease ORP in water as below.

Lanlang has four type of ceramic ball to decrease ORP value.

-Hydrogen ORP ball Plus

-Hydrogen water ceramic ball

-Magnesium granule

Here I would like to introduce hodrogen ORP ball plus.It is the best water filtration media for decreasing ORP in water.It could make ORP value to be -150mv — -500mv.Meanwhile, it has other two functions.One is Alkaline correction, and another is Mineral release.It is very hot in our customers.

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