Lanlang® CM-ACN13-negative Ion Ceramic Ball

Lanlang® CM-ACN13 negative ion ceramic ball is made of negative ion material, maifan stone, volcanic stone, superior clay and such mineral materials, complex and baked under high temperature. Water molecule surrounding negative ion ceramic ball can electrolysis and produce OH- and combine with water molecule around into H3O2-, also named negative ion.
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Product Details

Product Application

Negative Ion Ceramic Ball is widely used in water purifier filters,shower filter,water filter piccher,alkaline water bottle,household water purification for bath&cosmetic etc.

Product Features

1.Remove Free Radicals

Negative ion ceramic ball can supply negative ion continuously to the body and neutralize oxygen free radical.

2.Purify Air

Air pollution such as dust, factory, exhaust gas of car, virus, bacteria and such suspended pollutants most along with positive ion with positive potential. Negative ion ceramic ball with negative ion, both of these neutralize till no charge exist then decrease, but air is purified very good.

3.Direct Effect of Negative Ion to Improve Health

Activated cell

Purify blood

Recover from fatigue

Plant nervous system stable

Enhance disease resistance

Inhibit cancer cell

Improve body resistance to radioactive material And electromagnetic radiation

Analgesic effect

Improve allergy



♦ 25 kg per carton ,32 carton per pallet

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