Lanlang® CM-MAF08 Maifan Stone For Drinking Water

Lanlang® CM-MAF08 maifan stone for drinking water takes Maifan as main raw material , can release more than 20 kinds of essential main trace element of human body health in the water quickly, the contents doxens of times than surpasses the ordinary in ordinary medicine stone.
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1.It has absorption to heavy metal, hydride.

2.It can release various microelements, so that common water becomes into man-made mineral water.

3.Adjust the PH of the water, which is good for the growth of biology.

4.Chlorination removal.


maifan stone for drinking water can upgrade water anywhere,anytime.

It's widely used for medical treatment(cure dermatophytosis, chronic gastritis, high blood pressure, psoriasis, diminish inflammation and coli bacillus, etc), industry(skin care cream (or cream),animal feed additive), food(making bean curd, brewing soy and vinegar, etc), drink(man-made mineral water, carbonated drinks, beer, wine and making tea, and pickling alcohol, etc) and plant, etc.

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Lanlang---upgrade your water!

maifan stone for drinking water

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