Maifan Stone For Drinking Water

Maifan stone activation ball is a kind of mineralized ball sintered with Maifan stone as the main functional raw material and clay. Maifan stone ball uses high-quality Maifan stone as raw material and is processed by special process. The ore has extremely strong adsorption and permeability, and is a sterile, non-toxic and non-polluting mineralizer.
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Maifan stone for drinking water

Maifan stone has the characteristics of purifying water, increasing the biological activity of water, improving the physiological function of the body, and adjusting the pH of water in both directions. If long-term drinking water soaked with maifan stone balls can protect liver and stomach, diuretic fossils, stabilize blood pressure, promote circulation, prevent disease and cancer, prolong life, skin care and beauty, strengthen bones, develop intelligence, promote development, stop bleeding and swelling.It is widely used in medical and health, food health, environmental protection, water quality improvement and beverage, wine, medicine, deodorant, crop and flower cultivation, poultry farming, aquaculture and other industries.

maifan stone for drinking water

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