Media For Spa Pool And Swiming Pool Water Filtration

Lanlang is producing long lifetime and high efficiency media for spa pool and swiming pool water filtration.
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Many customers come to Lanlang for our ion exchange resin, BIO ceramic ball and Polyphosphate siliphos ball for drinking water treatment or industry waste water treatment.Some customers ask for media for spa pool and swiming pool water filtration.Now Lanlang is also supplying such media.It could control the water bacteria, pH, alkalinity, dissolve solids, scale corrosion, precipitate contaminates like oils, perspiration, skin, water salts etc. The media is not just a simple mixed ceramic ball.We have our own formula to make the media kill the bacteria with best effection and low cost.We can call it as a integrated ball for absorption & purification and alkaline or other functions.That is exactly what the customer who concern their spa pool or swimming pool water problem.So do not hesitate to call us or send email to us if you have any question or inquiry.We will give response as soon as posssible.

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