Orp Water Benefits

ORP ball is formulated with all natural minerals to naturally enhance and revitalize your water .It should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration. The main ingredients are magnesium, zinc, tourmaline, Far infrared powder and silica, which are heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hours.
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You may think that all purified water is good enough. It's all the same, right? The truth is, water treated by distillation and reverse osmosis takes "the good" out with "the bad", leaving us with Acidic/Dead Water that contains no minerals.

Conventional filtration methods often remove everything and strip water bare, leaving almost nothing but water molecules. That's great for removing toxins and waterborne diseases, but it doesn't retain any of the other beneficial elements of water. That's why Lanlang uses a proprietary process called Ceramic Conversion to bring your water back to life! To enjoy ORP water benefits. ORP media make H2 water.

Why H2 is a Superlative Antioxidant.

Chronic oxidative stress has been identified as one of the major causes of aging and modern chronic diseases. Everyone knows that there are many antioxidants available. However, they have shown only limited success in therapeutic trials. H2 has some distinct advantages, causing researchers to propose it as a NOVEL antioxidant with superior therapeutic and preventive applications.

Orp water benefits

◆reduces inflammation and pain

◆H2 supports optimal cognitive function

◆H2 promotes cellular health

◆ H2 activates production of your own antioxidant levels

How to Get ORP water benefits

You can breathe H2 gas, you can assimilate H2 rich saline intravenously, use it as eye drops, you can bathe in it, you can put it on your skin, you can increase the production of H2 in vivo by intestinal bacteria, or you can drink ORP water.

Which method is best? Early research suggests that the most effective - and easiest - approach is to drink H2-rich

water. H2-rich water can be produced using electrolysis, magnesium, or bubbling H2 gas into water.

orp water benefits

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