Vitamin C Mineral Balls

The natural vitamin C powder is uniformly mixed in a clay material and fired into a ceramic ball at a low temperature, so that the energy source of the VC ball is continuously released in the water. The VC factor absorbed by the human body achieves the purpose of supplementing VC in a long-term and appropriate amount. The effect is stable and the lifetime is long.
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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin rich in fruits and vegetables. It plays a regulatory role in the redox metabolic reaction. Lack of it can cause scurvy. Under normal circumstances, most of vitamin C is metabolized into oxalic acid in the body or combined with sulfuric acid to form ascorbic acid-2-sulfuric acid, which is excreted in urine.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

1. Collagen synthesis: The synthesis of collagen requires vitamin C to participate, so VC lacks, collagen cannot be synthesized normally, leading to cell connection disorders. The human body is composed of cells, which are connected by the intercellular substance. The key component of the intercellular substance is collagen. Collagen accounts for 1/3 of the body's protein, generates connective tissue, and constitutes the body's skeleton. Such as bones, blood vessels, ligaments, etc., determine the elasticity of the skin, protect the brain, and help the healing of human wounds.

2. Treatment of scurvy: the strength of the blood vessel wall has a great relationship with VC. Microvessels are the thinnest of all blood vessels. The wall of the vessel may be only one cell thick. Its strength and elasticity are determined by the collagen that is responsible for connecting the cells with a clay effect. When the VC in the body is insufficient, the microvessels are easily broken, and the blood flows to the adjacent tissues. When this happens on the skin surface, it produces congestion and purple chrysanthemum; when it occurs in the body, it causes pain and joint pain. In severe cases, bleeding may occur under the stomach, intestines, nose, kidneys, and periosteum, and even death.

3. Prevent gum atrophy and bleeding: A healthy gum bed tightly wraps each tooth. Gum is soft tissue. When protein, calcium and VC are lacking, gums are prone to shrink and bleed.

Vitamin C is slightly acidic. It is taken into the body as a micronutrient and dissolved and digested in the body. Its acidity and alkalinity have very little effect on the human body, so it is not necessary to care too much about its acidity and alkalinity. Vitamin C helps to consolidate cell tissues, helps collagen synthesis, strengthens bones and teeth, and prevents gum bleeding. Long-term use is harmless to teeth and gums and beneficial.

4. Prevention of arteriosclerosis: It can promote the excretion of cholesterol, prevent the deposition of cholesterol on the inner wall of the artery, and even dissolve the deposited atheromatous plaque.

5. Antioxidant: It can protect other antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, and prevent the damage of free radicals to the human body.

6. Treatment of anemia: reducing ferric iron that is difficult to absorb and use into ferric iron, promoting the absorption of iron in the intestine, improving the utilization of iron by the liver, and helping to treat iron-deficiency anemia.

7. Anti-cancer: Rich collagen helps prevent the spread of cancer cells; the antioxidant effect of VC can resist the damage of free radicals to cells and prevent the mutation of cells; block the formation of nitrite and secondary amine to form a strong carcinogen nitrous amine. Someone once dissected a patient who died of cancer and found that the VC content in the patient's body was almost zero.

8. Protective effect: In human life activities, glutathione and enzymes are essential to ensure the integrity of cells and normal metabolism

Vitamin C Mineral Balls

Properties of Vitamin C Mineral Balls:

Appearance: Khaki color spherical balls

Size distribution: with diameter of 2mm-30mm (or customization)

Main application: Potable water filter; mineralized potable water for beauty and health

Functions of Vitamin C Mineral Ball:

1. Dissolving out VC, VC content :18-20%

2. Rich in trace elements selenium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc.

3. Promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhance immunity.

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