Wholesale Alkaline Ceramic Balls

Wholesale Alkaline Ceramic Balls For Drinking Water Filter adjust water of PH 7.5-9
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function ceramic ball

Wholesale Alkaline Ceramic Balls is modified to add the far infrared ceramic materials of the traditional activity ball.Far infrared ceramic material has emission of more than 90 percent rate at room temperature.It has function of high far infrared emission rate and strong water absorption, this product is rich in 20 kinds of trace elements necessary for the human body,such as zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and so on.these trace elements are slowly released In purified water, making the activated water contain more useful minerals.

Alkaline ceramic ball Features:

1) Size: dia. 2 - 25mm (as your request)

2) Colors: Dark gray

3) Main ingredients: tourmaline, kieselgur, anti-bacteria material

4) Function: anti-bacterium and activation

5) With the character of good heat-storing, high hardness and infrared, it is widely

used for human healthy, water treatment, spa and environmentally friendly


1. Tourmaline powder can persistently release negative ions, emit far infrared ray.Hence, it can purify air, accelerate the micro-circulation of the body, adjust

the balance of the body, resist bacterium and diminish inflammation, resist fatigue,

soothe the nerves and quiet breath, and build up body health

2. Utilize these products to remake into various environmental protection commodities,

such as sofa, chair pad, bedding, clothing ornament and filter medium

3. After tourmaline negative ion powder is made into ceramic ball and ceramic brick,it

can activate, purify and mineralized tap water, treat utensils, use in shower equipment,plunge bath and swimming pool. Put it in icebox, it can restrain bacteria and eliminate odor to keep foodstuff fresh.

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