Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch

This Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch is life changing! Feed your body the water is deserves! Don’t waste your money on bottled “spring water” or your health with municipal tap water. The Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch is portable and can be used whenever you want to fill up your bottle, enabling you to always have clean, refreshing alkaline water.
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Product Details

Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch

Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch compatible with our pH HYDRATE Glass Bottle, travel alkaline water filter. All you have to do is add this small but mighty pouch to your water for a strong alkaline, antioxidant and antibacterial effect. Comes with a waterproof bag so, when you’re done, you can place the pouch back in, reseal and take with you for clean, healthy water anywhere, anytime. Ideal, not only for the busy and adventurous types, but for everyone loving easy and convenient ways to look after their health and well being.


Product Features

HUGE FILTER CAPACITY - Each Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch (15g) Filter Bag lasts an incredible 300 cups/16 gallons/72 liters. The average person drinks 8 cups of water per day, so with one people each filter lasts 30 days. Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch can also be used in any container of your choice.



With a unique ceramic ball & stone blend including ORP, Alkaline, Maifan & Antibacterial stones, our Non-Woven Material Alkaline Mineral Water Pouch is reducing heavy metals, while increasing the pH and the Hydrogen of the water and having an antioxidant and antibacterial effect.


Use method


1. Soak the pouch in water for 1 mins

2. Take the pouch out of water, spil out the water and refill the glass

3. Place the pouch in new water, and soak it for 3-5 mins

4. Drink up and get healthy






1. Naturally detox&lose weight

2. Boost immunity

3. Reduce blood pressure

4. Anti-aging

5. Anti-oxidant,Liver health

6. Improved metabolism





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