Alkaline Mineral Water Bottle

Lanlang alkaline mineral water bottle use for Working, Fitness, Mountainclimbing, Travel and so on, Any time & Any places.
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  1. Drink the water in the container within 2 days as possible as you can, and fill new water in the bottle. (Require to frequently clean the bottle’s outlet for its cleanness)

  2. It can be used up to 1200 times depending on water quality, but its capacity is deteriorated in following 6-8 months, so it needs to replace its filter with new one.

  3. You may see a little particles,its filter with new one.

  4. Never use hot water over about 60℃ / Don’t put the product in the freezer or don’t freeze it(0-60℃)

  5. Don't keep the product for a long time in hige-temperature, closed place.(risk for its container to be transformed).

  6. Its filter's life cycle and capacity can be varied depending in the water quality and the amount of water use.

  7. There may be the case that a little powder is deposited in the bottom of container, it is never harmful for human body because it is a phenomenon resulting from the reduction of Magnesium, a mineral component. Fill about 2/3 volume of container with water, and put 2 tea spoons of edible citric acid, and shake the container enough until some bubbles are created. By doing so, the container is cleaned. Wash the container with water several times, then use the container.

    **This product is not a medical product.**

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