1*20’GP Container Activated Carbon Have Been Shipped

- May 06, 2020-

Lanlang has about 15 experience in water filtration products. We have the water filtration medias like ion exchange resin, ceramic balls, siliphos, activated carbon etc.

Lanlang® Ion-exchange Resin

Offers you One-Stop Service for complete range of resin application

Lanlang® Ceramic ball

Most efficient way to upgrade your water anywhere anytime

Lanlang® Polyphosphate Siliphos

An economical choice to protect water systems

against scale and corrosion

Lanlang® Coal Base Activated Carbon

Water purification & taste improvement

Lanlang® KDF

Chlorine & heavy metal removal

Lanlang® Dolomite

PH adjustment, alkaline raising

Lanlang® Magnesium Oxide

slowly dissolved alkaline, pH correction

Lanlang® Coconut Shell AC Balls

Water purification & taste improvement

Lanlang® Calcite

Correct low pH of acidic water

If you are interested in these products, welcome to contact us for more details.

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