1*20’gp Container Ion Exchange Resin Has Shipped

- Jun 18, 2020-

Lanlang's chelating resin

Chelating resins also known as specific exchangers or chelating sorbents are a subgroup of ion exchange resins. Chelating resins were developed to obtain higher selectivities of at least one particular counter-ion species. The interaction of a functional group (ligand) of chelating resin and metal (in form of cation or oxoanion) is selective with respect to the nature of the metal.




Macroporous thiourea Chelating Resin for mercury removal, precious metals recovery


Macroporous iminodiacetic acid Chelating Resin for cooper, nickel, cobalt, zinc removal from waste water.


Macroporous aminophosphonic Chelating Resin for brine softening, refining in ion membrane alkaline production.


Macroporous, N-methylglucamine Chelating Resin for Boron Removal


Macroporous Amidoxime Chelating Resin for precious metals recovery, Gallium recovery.

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