Algae Removing Method For Aquarium

- Jun 27, 2019-

Commonly used algae removal methods are divided into three types: physical, chemical, and biological.

1. Physical algae removal

To put it bluntly, it is to use manpower and brush to remove the flooding algae. There are special brushes for the aquarium on the market, which is very convenient. Combined with changing the water, it can play a good removal effect. It is a little troublesome to implement, and some corners of the earth are not easy to brush.

Of course, if the water plants, sandstones and other decorations in the fish tank are unfortunately caught by the algae, it is necessary to take them out to wash them patiently and then disinfect them with salt water. The algae on the water grass can only be trimmed one by one.

2. Chemical algae removal

Some algaecides for algae are effective for almost any algae in the aquarium, and where the physical algae removal is difficult to remove, the agent can also penetrate into the algae. But because it is a chemical, it has a certain impact on the ecological balance system in fish and aquariums. Therefore, it should be noted that the use of chemical agents must be strictly controlled, in addition to killing algae, too much damage to fish and aquatic plants.

3. Biological algae removal

Add some lives such as snails that can eat algae to control the amount of algae. Compared with the former two methods, the effect time is a little slower, but it is safer and less laborious. It is a very environmentally friendly method.