Basic Knowledge Of Adsorbent Resin

- Feb 07, 2020-

Adsorbent Resin is a resedons or sorces or adsorbent characterized by adsorption and a porous three-dimensional structure. It is a new porous resin developed in the field of polymer in recent years, by styrene and diethylene benzene and other monomers, in the presence of organic solvents such as toluene, through the suspension of co-polymer fruit-like small ball.

Adsorbent Resins are widely used in waste water treatment, pharmaceutical separation and purification, as a carrier for chemical reaction catalysts, gas chromatography and gel osmosis molecular weight grading columns. It is characterized by easy regeneration and can be used repeatedly. Such as with cation and anion exchange resin, can achieve a very high level of separation purification.


Reference indicators for use:

1.PH range: 0-9

2. Allowable temperature (℃) : ≤100

3. Expansion rate: %(OH-→Cl-)≤35

4. Height of resin layer for industrial use: m1.0-3.0

5. Regenerated solution concentration: %NaOH:2.0-4.0

6. Regenerant dosage (100%), kg/m3 wet resin: NaOH(industry) : 40-70

7. Regenerated fluid flow rate: m/h 4-6

8. Regeneration contact time: minute: 30-50

9. Forward washing flow rate: m/h:15-25

-dan: it's about 25 minutes

11. Operating velocity: m/h, 15-25

12. Working exchange capacity: mmol/l(wet resin)≥950 or adsorption to hexavalent chromium g/l(wet resin)≥75


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Adsorbent Resin