Deionisation Resin

- Dec 24, 2019-

Deionisation resin

Deionisation is a resin based water filtration process of removing all dissolved solids from the water. DI resins attract non-water ions and replaces them with water ions, leaving a more pure water form. 


Whether you call it deionization resin or deionisation resin, when your organization needs DI Resin and pure water, turn to We offer nuclear-grade water treatment deionization resin in mixed bed and hard water blends, depending on your input water quality. The Lanlang deionisation resin, for municipal tap water, rural areas, inland areas and all over the world, offers longer more life than standard mixed bed di resin.


Lanlang could supply you various type mixed bed deionisation resin or deionization resin for different application. Different cation and anion ration deionization resin or deionisation resin mixed bed resin will be provided to you.

Lanlang corp has been specialized in water filtration media industry for 14 years, we are professional ion exchange resin supplier in China, if you have any demand, welcome to contact us.

Deionisation resin