High Quality Ion Exchange Resin Regeneration

- Dec 26, 2019-

Ion exchange resin regeneration happens every day, whether in a large container, or in a small experimental column, mixed bed, or two beds. The purpose of regeneration is the same: the used resin returns to its normal ionic form.Although there are hundreds of pages in engineering manuals on how to regenerate resins based on scientific data, regenerating resins sometimes seems like an art form or worse, a toss of the dice.

Frequently there are inconsistencies between the effectiveness of two regenerations even though the same procedure was followed. There can even be inconsistencies in the quality of resins from the same batch regeneration. Simply determining what the quality of a regeneration means may be confusing. By quality are we referring to the amount of water the resin is capable of treating or are we referring to levels of ionic leakage in the product water? Are we reporting the levels of ionic contamination as conductivity or resistivity? Regenerating resins is a very complex process, some of the variables that affect the quality of the regeneration include the following:

  • Resin condition;

  • Differences in service water quality;

  • Quality of regenerant chemicals;

  • Amount of regenerant chemicals / concentration;

  • Regenerant process water quality;

  • Temperature;

  • Flow rate;

  • Contact time.

ion exchange resin regeneration

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