The Difference of Anion And Cation Exchange Resins

- Dec 24, 2019-

The main difference between anion and cation exchange resins is that one is positively charged (cation) and the other is negatively charged (anion). This makes them useful in removing different types of 

contaminants (which will also vary depending on their size and chemical composition). Cation and anion 

resin beads can be used together (mixed bed configuration) or in separate vessels (twin bed 

configuration), depending on the needs of the facility and if total removal of positively and negatively 

charged ions are required.

Although anion and cation exchange resins are the main two categories of resins used in ion exchange, 

there are four main types for standard water treatment that include:

Strong base anion

Weak base anion

Strong acid cation

Weak acid cation

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