How Can You Get Cheap Deionized Water

- Nov 21, 2019-

From where can you get cheap deionized water with high quality?

Lanlang DI resin is your best choice.

We even have nuclear level DI resin. You could see the datasheet of Lanlang DI resin as below.

Model nameTY MB-2
Cation / Anion volumetric ratio1/1.5
Moisture content (%)52-57
Total exchange capacity (eq/L)0.6
Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25mm>95
Specific density (g/ml)1.06-1.22
Uniformity Coefficient<1.7
Shipping Weight (g/ml)0.69-0.75
Whole beads after attrition (%)>95
Storage temperature (℃)0-40

cheap deionized water