How Often Should Resin Be Replaced

- Oct 21, 2019-

The softener ion exchange resin in the softened water equipment is usually replaced once every 3-5 years. If a good soft water salt is used, the service life of the resin can be prolonged. The replacement of the softened water resin is skillful. If it meets the skill, it can prolong the life of the resin and increase its life. Otherwise, it will damage its performance.

1. There is a certain skill and order when removing the softened water resin. It must be removed in order, first remove the water inlet and outlet pipes, the sewage pipe, the salt pipe, and then remove the control valve head!

2. Withdraw the center tube, which is an important process. But if the tank diameter is larger than 500 mm, the center tube can be removed without the center tube being contaminated.

3. The use of the principle of siphon extraction of resin, this is a very scientific method, it is worthy of advocacy.

4. Then install the center tube, (if removed) and block it with a plastic cloth over the center tube. This is to prevent the resin from pouring into the center tube, causing blockage.

5. Pour the resin and install the control valve head to fix the resin.

6. Adjust the control valve to the backwash position (regeneration in the downstream) to supply a small amount of water and keep the water speed constant. This method discharges the resin tank gas.

7. Check whether there is water leakage, if not, everything is properly placed, then the resin is replaced!

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