How To Prevent Algae Flooding In Your Aquarium

- Jun 20, 2019-

First, change water or enhance water flow

For fish farming, first is to improve water quality and turns water into living water. The most cheaper and convenient way is using Aquarium Pure to decline NO3-, NO2- and ammonia nitrogen. If the water is not changed frequently, the algae can easily adhere to the inner wall of the aquarium, water plants, and sand. As long as three days and one water is exchanged, changing the water for half a month can reduce the content of nitrates and phosphates suitable for algae growth in the water to a minimum.

Second, shorten the lighting time

Algae also promote growth through photosynthesis. On the basis of ensuring 6-8 hours of water plants, do not open the lights. Because in general, after more than an hour, the water grass has stopped photosynthesis and goes to sleep, and then the excess light gives algae.

Third, reduce feeding live bait

Algae, like water plants, also require trace elements. In addition to the inevitable fish manure that allows it to share a piece of water with the water grass, the live bait also contains higher trace elements, which can also feed the algae. Xiaochang Aquarium recommends that you provide fish with balanced, high-quality fish food. If you really want to feed the live bait, reduce the amount appropriately.