How To Solve Water Problem To Protect Baby

- Apr 08, 2019-

1. Is it suitable to boil the cooled tap water?

The tap water produced by the water treatment plant after purification and disinfection meets the corresponding standard tap water. Boiling can remove most bacteria with low heat resistance. We can drink tap water in adults without any problem. However, due to rust and other causes of water pipe aging, tap water is likely to cause secondary pollution during transportation.

Infants and young children have higher standards for drinking water than adults, so many families, including ours, want to give their baby a safer drinking water.

2. Is barreled water and bottled water safe?

Plastic bottles filled with pure water often contain harmful substances, especially in high temperature environments, where harmful substances can seep into the water. The bottled water for opening an account is also susceptible to secondary pollution, which is harmful to the health of the baby. Therefore, infants and young children are not recommended to drink bottled water too much.

Ideal for infants and young children, two requirements are required:

One must be pure and pollution-free, effectively filtering harmful substances such as bacteria and heavy metal ions;

Second, it should be used immediately to avoid secondary pollution.