In Stock Surgical Mask Price

- Apr 02, 2020-

As the situation of COVID-19 in China becomes gradually optimistic, other countries start to suffer. It is a challenge for all citizens on earth. We concern our customers very much. We highly appreciate our customers’ concerns and understanding when China was in severe situation. they sent kindness and understanding by meails “it’s ok if there is some delay of shipment due to the disease, the most important thing now is everyone is safe.” After an about 3-month challenge with the virus, we knew what our customers need and what they lack in this period. Surgical mask is a basic but rare necessity, especially for people in countries with severe epidemics.

One of our customers in Italy suffers a lot. When we asked him what could we do to help? Should we send some pieces of surgical masks for him? He was very excited for our timely help. What he need urgently is face mask. He could not find face masks in his country. Then we arranged 1000 pieces of face masks delivered by air at once. He said those masks can help him and his family protected from the disease after he received them.

As long as we hold hands together, the bright day will come soon. God bless the world!

And now Lanlang can supply face masks, contact us to get surgical mask price.

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