Ion Exchange Resin Columns

- Jan 14, 2020-

Ion Exchange resin Columns

Ion exchange is based on sorption, the transfer of solutes from fluid to solid particles. Undesired anions or cations from a liquid are exchanged for ions of the same charge within a resin.

About Ion Exchange

Ion exchange resin columns is a container; a carrier to process ion exchange.Ion exchange occurs on a resin. Resins are typically tiny particle-size solid beads.

There are two basic types of ion-exchangers: cation exchangers and anion exchangers. Cation exchange separations are performed at pH’s between 4 – 7 and anion exchange separations are generally done at pH’s between 5 – 8.

Within anion exchange there two types: strong base anion exchange and weak base anion exchange. The same is true for cation exchange: strong acid cation exchange and weak acid cation exchange.

Lanlang could supply various type ion exchange resin for different application. Like water softening, deminerialization, deionization etc.

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ion exchange resin column