Ion Exchange Technology In Sugar Industry

- Oct 11, 2019-

Ion-exchange technology can be used in the manufacturing of sugar from various sources. Ion exchange resin help to convert one type of sugar into another type of sugar, and to decolorize and purify sugar syrups.

The use of ion exchange technology for sugar decolorization process is cost effective. At the same time, it can meet the color value requirements of different feed sugar liquids, and it is more flexible and efficient.

Even more,it can be adjusted and changed according to the pigment condition of the feed and the target to be decolored, thereby obtaining a more optimized design.

Find below various of Lanlang resin for sugar industry, and contact us to choose a most suitable one.




Strong acid cation resin in calcium form for glucose and fructose separation.


Strong acid cation resin in sodium form for monose and oligose separation.


Macroporous Type I Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin.


Macroporous Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin.


Macroporous Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin.


Gel Type Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin.