Lanlang Mixed Bed Resin

- Oct 15, 2019-

Mixed Bed Resin Ion Exchange Resin Beads

Standard mixed bed resin is a combination of cation (H+) and anion (OH-). Water treated with mixed bed resin removes most of the cations and anions and results in various levels of purity.

Standard mixed bed resin has 2 components – It consists of Strong Acid Cation (8% Crosslink) in the Hydrogen (H+) form and Type 1 Strong Base Anion in the Hydroxide (OH-) form. The manufacturer processes and rinses mixed bed to various levels of purity prior to shipment. Once installed mixed bed resin is ready for immediate service. Care should be taken to prevent separation during installation and shipment to prevent lower throughput.

Mixed bed resin is used to produce deionized or demineralized water. Use of mixed bed resins for residential applications is uncommon. Depending on its level a purity, deionized water is aggressive and potentially strips metals from fixtures, appliances and pipes. Despite its level of purity, drinking deionized water is not recommended.

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Lanlang Mixed bed resin