Mixed Bed Exchanger Resin

- Dec 10, 2019-

Mixed Bed Ion Exchanger Resin

Lanlang ® TY MB-X mixed bed exchanger resin series is a high quality resin mixture composed of strong acid cation resin in H+ form and strong base type 1 anion resin in OH+ form. Ready to use as supplied. It(Mixed Bed Ion Exchanger Resin) is designed for production of high purity water and other applications requiring DI water, such as WEDM, window washing, aquarium etc. It can achieve almost complete reduction of TDS and conductivity <0.1 µS/cm. It is highly regenerated and specially pretreated to meet the stringent specifications of the nuclear industry (resistivity >15 or 18 mega Ohm). It also could be used for polishing after EDI and CDI for a variety of industries. Carbon dioxide could carbonate the hydroxide sites of anion component, so it is important to avoid exposure to atmosphere for long period.

Lanlang ready to use Mixed Bed Ion Exchanger Resin are specially prepared high quality ion exchange resin mixtures designed for direct purification of water. The ratio of component ion exchange resins is engineered to provide high capacity. Performance of the ready to use mixed bed resin depends on the application. TY MB-G and TY MB-B are available with indicators which facilitate ease of operation when a simple visual indication of exhaustion is desired.





Mixed bed resin for EDM application, spot free water for window or car rinse.


Electronic grade mixed bed resin with high purity and silica free.


Nuclear grade mixed bed resin high regenerated.


Mixed bed resin with color indicator (green to blue).


Mixed bed resin with color indicator (blue to yellow).

Mixed bed exchanger resin