Popular Types Of Cation Exchange Resin

- Dec 03, 2019-

Strong acid cation exchange resin

Strong acid cation (SAC) exchange resins are among the most widely used resins, especially for softening applications, as they are effective at complete removal of hardness ions such as magnesium (Mg+) or calcium (Ca2+). Certain varieties of SAC resins have also been developed for applications demanding removal of barium and radium from drinking water or other streams. SAC resins can be damaged by oxidants and fouled by iron or manganese, so care must be taken to avoid exposure of the resin to these materials.

Weak acid cation exchange resin

Weak acid cation (WAC) exchange resins remove cations associated with alkalinity (temporary hardness) and are used for demineralization and dealkalization applications. Additionally, WAC resins tend to have relatively high oxidation resistance and mechanical durability, making them a good choice for streams containing oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine.

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Strong base anion exchange resins