Strict Quality Control Of Ion Exchange Resin

- Dec 13, 2019-

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First, Lanlang has various of ion exchange resins can meet your requirement;

Second, also is the most important thing, Lanlang controls the quality strictly.

Step one: QC for raw material

QC for raw materials is the foundation of product quality. The rigorous inspection for every batch of raw materials is made before they are allowed to enter into formal production.

Step two: QC during production

Specialized QC team stipulates strict quality control procedures for every stage during production, avoiding any unqualified semi-product enter into next step.

Step three: QC for EX-work cargos

Independent chemical lab applies whole set of strict and advanced inspection procedure for every EX-work cargos. Lanlang Quality Acceptance Test Method-Ion Exchange Resin》 includes most of requirements for food grade and industrial grade resins from both Chinese Quality Authorities and International Inspection Authorities. (Ref: GB 8144-87; GB 3143-82; GB 12598-2001; ASTM D5627-94; ANSI/NSF-42; FDA 21CFR-173.25)

Step four: QC during domestic transportation and container loading

Specialized delivery group pays much attention to safe packing during domestic transportation and seaport container loading. Any unusual situation will be noticed and settled before shipment.

Step five: QC during sincere contacts with customers after shipment

A. After container loading , We offer Certificate of Analysis and Formal Test Report to customers with full set of data and photos during testing and loading.

B. For every batch of delivery, we store samples for at least six months. One or two months (depends on cargo’s arrival time to customers) after shipment date, we will test the samples again to make sure the cargos are in the stable quality.

C. Our sales person contacts with customers initiatively for quality feedback for every orders. We think highly of every complaint and always make improvement without delay.

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