Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

- Feb 11, 2020-

Lanlang corp supply you strong base anion exchange resin,TA204,

In the De-Mineralization system, effectively removes calcium and magnesium salts present in water as well as maintaining the TDS levels in water. We recommend TA204, Lanlang ® TA204 Is a premium grade gel type I strong base anion exchange resin with standard crosslinked polystyrene matrix and quaternary amine (Trimethylamine) function group in standard Gaussian size distribution. Its clear gel structure make it has excellent regeneration efficiency (both in co-current and counter-current systems) and rinse performance. TA204 in chloride form could remove both strong and weak acid radicals such as sulfate, nitrate, arsenate, chromate and silicate to extreme low concentration level. Combining with strong acid cation exchange resin (in hydrogen form), TA204 in hydroxide form can be used in all types of demineralization system including condensate polishing. DM system made available in options of Two Bed & Mixed Bed units. Two Bed DM Plants feature strong acid cation exchanger as well as base anion exchanger resin that helps in achieving reduction of total dissolved solids up to 2 - 5 ppm.TA204 strong base anion exchange resin is right choice.

Anion Resin