What Kind Of Resin Is It In Di Resin Tanks

- Nov 21, 2019-

"DI"  means Deionization,  is a technique used to remove a large volume of contaminants from water. A DI resin tank contains one of two types of special resin (or a mix of the two), each of which removes positively or negatively charged particles from the water. Most non-organic contaminants in water are ionic minerals, including iron, copper, and calcium. When water containing these charged minerals passes through the deionization resin, they are attracted to the resin, which exchanges these ions for H+ and OH-. Contaminants are pulled out and pure water is left behind.

Lanlang DI resin contains high grade level of cation resin and anion resin. Please see the specification of resins as below.

Model nameTY MB -1
Cation / Anion volumetric ratio1/1
Moisture content (%)55-61
Total exchange capacity (eq/L)0.5
Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25mm>95
Specific density (g/ml)1.06-1.20
Uniformity Coefficient <1.7
Shipping Weight (g/ml)0.69-0.75
Whole beads after attrition (%)>95

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