Antiscalant Polyphosphate Crystals

Antiscalant polyphosphate crystals is a water treatment chemicals which have good performance in the water antiscalant and anti-corrosion.
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Product Details

Polyphosphate crystals prevents scale and stops corrosion. It utilizes the phenomenon that minute concentrations of polyphosphates are sufficient to inhibit the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. Because of its phosphate and silicate content, it also inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface. It concentration of 2-3 ppm is sufficient to achieve both of these effects. It will also slowly remove the existing scale in old pipes if it consists of brown scale,i.e. iron oxide. Hard scale, etc.

Here the advantage is again that it will prevent further scaling up. Experience shows that scale and corrosion are not only found in galvanized but also in copper pipes. Even in plastic pipes, one can find scale and deposits.The dispensers can be installed in almost every water system. They require no electric installation and hardly any maintenance. They only have to be refilled with products every 3-6 months. Refilling is very easy.

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