Best Siliphos Antiscalant Balls

Siliphos antiscalant balls. Protects:water systems in hotels,public buildings,private households and industry against scale form cation and corrosion;Prevents "brown"water and clogged pipes;Saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes,boilers,heaters,cooling systems etc;Extends Extends the life of your water installation.
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Lanlang Siliphos antiscalant balls are the reliable slow-soluble food grade chemical. It can be fed into water by a dispenser, which can be installed in almost every water system. They require no electric installation and hardly any maintenance. They only have to be refilled with balls every 3-12 months. Refilling is very easy. The specific chemical reactions are as follows:

Na2[Na4(PO3)6]+CaX →Na2[Na2Ca(PO3)6]+Na2X

Na2[Na2Ca(PO3)6]+CaX →Na2[Ca2(PO3)6]+Na2X (soluble complex)

Fe(OH)2+Na2[Ca2(PO3)6] →FeCa2(PO3)6+NaOH (insoluble film)

Precautions for use:

The inlet temperature of the dosing tank is <30 degrees Celsius.

The carbonate hardness in water does not exceed 360 mg/L.

When the siliphos water system is shut down for a long time, the siliphos antiscalant balls should be taken out from the tank, air-dried and stored in a dry place.

Siliphos Antiscalant Balls

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