Food Grade Anti Scale Siliphos Ball

Lanlang® Polyphosphate Siliphos is the reliable slow-soluble food grade chemical, which brings us the economical way to protect industrial & potable water systems against scale and corrosion. It can be fed into water by a dispenser, which can be installed in almost every water system. They require no electric installation and hardly any maintenance. They only have to be refilled with balls every 3-12 months. Refilling is very easy.
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Product Details

The anti scale siliphos can bring us the economical way to protect industrial & potable water systems against scale and corrosion.

The harm of scale

Hard dirt on water purifiers, water purifiers, and other household water purification equipment is often glued to the surface of containers or pipes. First of all, hard dirt has poor thermal conductivity, which can cause heat transfer on the heated surface to deteriorate, thereby wasting fuel or electricity. Secondly, if hard dirt is cemented on the inner wall of the water heater or boiler, it will also expand and contract due to thermal expansion and uneven force, which greatly increases the risk of water heater and boiler bursting or even exploding. Secondly, a lot of heavy metal ions are often attached when the hard scale is cemented. If the container is used for drinking water, there is a risk that the heavy metal ions will be too much soluble in the drinking water. So the danger of hard dirt is obvious.



water systems in hotels, public buildings, private households and industry against scale form cation and corrosion


"brown" water and clogged pipes


expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems etc


Extends the life of your water installation

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