POE Anti Scale Products Siliphos Ball

Siliphos is a water treatment compound, a glass-like Polyphosphate containing Sodium, Calcium Magnesium and Silicate, formulated specifically for the treatment of water problems.
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Product Details

Siliphos prevents scale and stops corrosion. It utilizes the phenomenon that minute concentrations of polyphosphates are sufficient to inhibit the deposition of scale onto metallic surfaces. Because of its phosphate and silicate content Siliphos also inhibits corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface. A Siliphos concentration of 2-3 ppm is sufficient to achieve both of these effects.


Basically siliphos will do four things:

  • It will prevent so-called 'brown' or 'red' water;

  • It will stop corrosions of plumbing and bathroom fixtures;

  • It will eliminate hardness scaling;

  • It will save you considerable costs on plumbing and

  • installation repairs.

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