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Lanlang has high quality antiscale Siliphos crystals for sale.Some basic information please check below.
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Siliphos crystals is a chemical agent. Siliphos crystals are added to the dispenser. The chemical component P2O5 in the pharmaceutical is converted by the chemical tank to output tap water with anti-corrosion and scale inhibition. It is mainly used for domestic hot water. It is also widely used in industrial production.

It can form soluble complexes and insoluble nano-scale membranes to play a role in scale inhibition and corrosion protection, effectively avoid secondary pollution.

Siliphos crystals for sale


Long dissolution time (about 12 months), non-volatile, non-degradable, used in a variety of circulating water, anti-scale, descaling, sterilization, algae, anti-corrosion, rust, energy saving, environmental protection and other significant effects.


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