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PROTECTS water systems against scale from cation and corrosion PREVENTS "brown" water and clogged pipes SAVES expensive repairs or replacement cost EXTENDS the life of your water installation
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Food Grade Siliphos Antiscalent Crystal Balls Drinking Water Scale Inhibitor Polyphosphate Crystals NIPHOS, Siliphos Free Sample Available.


1. Protects water systems in hotels, public buildings, private households and industry against scale formation and corrosion.

2. Prevents so-called "brown" or "red" water and clogged pipes.

3. Saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems etc.

4. Helps to save energy.

5. Extends the life of your water installation.


Product name: Antiscalant Balls / Siliphos Crystals

Grade: Food Grade

Chemical Formula: (NaPO3)

Molecular Weight: 611.77

CAS NO.: 10124-56-8

Product Description:

Burnished Balls Purity (as P2O5): 68% - 70.6%

Inactive Phosphate: 7% max

Water Insoluble: 0.05% max

Fluoride: 50ppm max Arsenic(as): 3ppm max

Package: 1kg Siliphos Crystals Balls in carton box

Application: It is widely used in Water purifiers for anti-scale and anti-corrusion. Application for tap water piping system, air conditioner, solar energy, water treatment equipment, metal pipe hot water boiler, hot water equipment.

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