Siliphos Water Treatment For Pipe Anti Scale

Siliphos water treatment for pipe anti scale. One of lanlang water filtration media products. Can do the anti scale for pipe or other fitting. Siliphos product has ball and crystal two types.
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Siliphos water treatment for pipe anti scale.

Siliphos water treatment

This is an very efficiency way to reduce the generation of scale and reduce the corrosion of pipes, etc.

The main components of scale are calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate, very hard. And more scale will block the pipeline, and the more accumulation. And scale is not easy to conduct heat. If the scale is blocked in the boiler pipe, the efficiency of the boiler will be reduced, and it may explode, which is very harmful.

The siliphos water treatment product contains ingredients that react with calcium and magnesium ions in water to reduce calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate products, thus preventing water from continuing to produce scale.

Generally, the siliphos and the dispenser need to be used together. The siliphos is added to the dosing tank and added to the front end of the pipeline. After the siliphos loses its effectiveness, it can be added again.

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