Household POE Siliphos Dispenser

Siliphos dispensers are containers for Siliphos spheres and are economical and reliable solutions.Household POE Siliphos Dispenser will significantly eliminate the scaling of the machine. Scaling occurs due to the calcium and magnesium deposition onto metallic surfaces.
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Household POE Siliphos Dispenser 

Household POE siliphos dispenser is installed in the water system and filled with the SILIPHOS Spheres. The tap water flows through the dispenser and dissolves minute quantities of polyphosphates, which is sufficient to inhibit the deposit of scale onto metallic surfaces. SILIPHOS dispensers don’t cause a critical pressure drop in the water mains.



1. Less corrosion in your home plumbing and fixtures.

2. Less "brown" or even "red" water coming out of the pipes.

3. It will significantly eliminate the scaling of the pipes. Scaling occurs due to the calcium and magnesium deposition onto metallic surfaces of the inner plumbing pipes.

4. Help save energy - Calcium tends to deposit on the heating coils of many households appliances (water boiler, washing machine and more). Once the hit transfer is blocked by the deposit, the heating coils will work harder to warm the water. It will consume more electricity.

5. Extend the life of household appliances, especially their heating coils if any.

6. And my favorite result - reduce the costs of plumbing repairs due to potential leaks and bursts in pipes.


How to use:

Siliphos is used with a Siliphos dispenser (like inline water filter) with a changeable inner filter with Siliphos.


Where you could use it:

●  Before your garden watering system.

●  Before the service room or basement so washing machine can have softened water.

●  Before your water boiler - that is a great idea, it extends the life of the heating coil and prevents "brown" water.

●  Before your kitchen faucet. Prevents rust and sediments from clogging the water outlet.


How to install:




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