InLine T33 DI Water Filter Cartridges

InLine DI Water Filter Cartridges When the filters needs to be replaced the resin will start turning green.This particular blue resin is extremely high quality resin compared to the average green resin.
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Lanlang In-Line DI Water Filter Cartridges


Lanlang IWC-DIC filter is an excellent DI filter filled with top quality mixed bed resin. It is designed for industries where need high quality water in low volumes for specialized uses. IWC-DIC filters could make high quality pure water from tap water. It could take the small percentage of contaminants which RO membrane could not remove. So it also could be used as post deionizer after RO system to provide polished water.


1.IWC-DIC is filled with nuclear grade mixed bed resin to produce high quality pure water (0ppm TDS, Conductivity attainable less than 0.1uS/cm or resistivity of close to 18 meg.ohm).

2.IWC-DIC has 2 quick fittings with port size 1/4” & 3/8”to make it easy to use.

3.IWC-DIC is a self-contained inline filter requiring no filter housing.



●  Home Drinking Water

●  Whole-House Filtration

●  Aquarium                         

●  Point of Use (POU) RO Systems

●  Laboratories      

●  Health&Cosmetology         

●  Glassware washing           

●  Aquarium&Cultivate            

●  Dental offices               

●  Sterilizers                 

●  Cosmetics

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